Miles Modder has extensive experience in the Interior Spatial Design field

“Seeking out the essential aspects of an interior can radically improve the dynamics of a space, allow the space to breath and bring new energy while still adhering to the ‘contemporary canvas look’ essential for the buying market.”

Miles Modder

Styling for the property market
Home Interiors
Visual Merchandising
Theater sets and costume.

Diverse experience and unerring attention to detail have delivered great success for the clients of Miles Modder.

His flair for colour and texture, his awareness of the importance of story in his work have made Miles unique.

He has been instrumental in a series of successful property sales in Cairns, Sydney and Brisbane.

Inspired by beauty, nature, environment, Miles creates unique experiences to enchant, wow and delight.

Designer • Stylist • Creative Visualist

Events, interiors, installations, visual merchandising, sets and costume design, theatre and film, arts management, production and choreography.

Miles has a lifetime of experience, working in a variety of areas within the artistic framework.